Google+ and DoShare – Easy Peasy


If you are using Google+, and if not why not, you should also be using a great Chrome app called DoShare. DoShare allows you to schedule posts to your Google+ and a whole lot more.

GPlusGeek has put together an excellent tutorial on using DoShare called: A DoShare Guide: Scheduling Google Plus Posts in Advance…And So Much More! .

I’ve been using DoShare for several months now and I learned quite a bit from the article.

How to export Outlook contacts to Gmail [Video Tutorial]

I Was searching for how to do this for a client and came across this excellent video tutorial form FaqTVtutorials.

To export:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to “File” menu, click on “Open” and choose “Import”.
  3. In the following window, select “Export to a file” and press “Next”.
  4. In the next window select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” and press “Next”.
  5. In the following window choose “Contacts” and press “Next”.
  6. In the next window press “Browse” and then choose the destination to export and type the file name for your file.
  7. In the “export to a file” window, press “Next”.
  8. In the following window press “Finish” to complete the export.

To import:

  1. Launch your web browser.
  2. Type “”.
  3. In the following web page, sign in to your google account.
  4. Click on the “Gmail” and choose “Contacts”.
  5. Move mouse down and press “Import Contacts”.
  6. In the following window, press “Browse”, select the file you want to upload and press “Open”.
  7. When it’s done, press “Import” button. Now you can see imported contacts.

How do I connect my YouTube account to my Google account?

It seems like it should be easy, but the more things change, the harder they seem to get. Fortunately, there are some really good experts out there that are more than willing to give you a hand. Martin Shervington is one them.

On his Plus Your Business site he’s got a great tutorial telling you how to Connect Your Google account to YouTube.

If ever there was one area that spins most heads, it is working through all the permutations relating to linking Google+ and YouTube accounts.

Still confused about Search Engine Optimization and getting you site ranked?

If the whole subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your head spin, I’ve got a great link for you. David over at has put together a wonderful article entitled SEO Demystified – How Search Engine Optimization Works.

Take a few minutes to read it and you’ll have a much better understanding of the history and process of SEO. I think you’ll find that most of what you think you know about the subject is out of date and no longer works.

Embed a Google Plus post into your website

Google has announced a change to Google+ and you can now embed a G+ post into your website, including your WordPress blog.

It’s a pretty simple procedure, you just add a piece of code to your page/post.

This has great potential if you are a G+ user.  Just don’t think it will help your SEO because the code just pulls in the post, along with all the comments.  It doesn’t reside on your site so there’s no SEO benefit.

Here’s an example